Saturday, October 5, 2013

Child Growth Timeline of 3 to 4 Month


  • Progresses 1¼ pounds. Within this month
  • Size 2 centimeter within this month

Action and Movement
  • Nominal stay on erecting head while forced to sitting point from lying on back (move up and down)
  • Will grasp for stuffs but; failures while lying on back waves at stuffs
  • Feeling of excitement head and upper body while lying on stomach; rests on arms
  • Moves side-to-side
  • Hands generally unfitted
  • Small rounded limb activities
  • Sleeping almost fourteen hours every day, with 9-10 going on at night
  • Discovers own body
  • Will explore area where stuffs familiar are (no sense of thing stability)
  • Improved eye contact
  • Listens to music
  • Suitable facial terminologies in reaction to feelings (irritation, anxiety, happiness)
  • Try to copy others' facial terms
  • Improved consciousness/attention in backgrounds
  • Unfocused throughout attention
  • Expressions dissimilar feelings (anger, fear, joy)
  • Mixed styles of crying
  • Utters "ahh"

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