Saturday, October 5, 2013

Child Growth Timeline of 6 to 8 Month

Baby’s teeth growth throughout this growing stage and your baby can now feed himself or herself.

In 6 months of age
  • 1 pound.  Every month
  • 1.5   centimeters each month
  • Lower central teeth go up

Action and Movement
  • Drinks from a cup using.
  • Grasps own bottle.
  • Moves substances hand-to-hand straight.
  • Rolls over.
  • Sits momentarily, inclines forward, holds him or her by arms.
  • Distinguishes between parentages and outsiders ("unfamiliar person worry")
  • Duplicates facial terminologies
  •  Bubbles
7 months of Ages
  •  Upper central teeth come out
  •  Lower side teeth erupt
Effort and Movement
  • Sits single-handed, pivots when sitting
  • Pivots and creeps though on top of stomach
  • Lifts head open-endedly when on top of back
  • May stand, bounce
  • Reaches, holds thing with palm
  • Try to Cracks and jiggle stuffs
  • Places feet in mouth
  • Desires mother
  • Concerned while away from mother (Detachment Concern)
  • Touches mirror copy
  •  Reacts to changes in social communication/background
8 months of Ages

  • Upper side teeth erupt
Effort and Movement
  • Creeps straightforwardly on stomach
  • Forces himself to stand applying tables
  • Feeds in self with his own hands
  • Will grasp two things and hold one in every single hand
  • Visualization close to fully-developed
  • Starts to recognize things' uses (drink from a glass, brush hair by a brush)
  • Recognizes size changes between stuffs
  • Social/Sensitive
  • Performs "behaviors"
  • No longer repeatedly receives feedings, will reject spoon
  •  Multitask bubbling
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