Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to Ensure Safe Sleeping For Your Baby?

The following steps you have to take for your new born baby for Safe Sleeping- till he or she is at 12 months age.

Do These Things for your Babies Safe Sleeping
  • Every time put babies to sleep on their flip-sides (Think of: Back to sleep).
  • Position a safe cushion in your baby's crib or baby bed.
  • If your baby breastfeeds in a side-lying point, position you’re in his back for sleeping later.
  • If your baby is to sleep on an adult mattress, remove the mattress from the bed corner. Put it on the floor to stop falls.
  • Take away bedposts, panels and side bars where the baby could become stuck. Ensure there are no distances in the middle of the bed, the wall or other stuffs.
  • Remove cables from windows. Make sure the nightdresses or dresses where you and your baby sleep in don't have long cords or connections. Look out for whatever closes the bed which could strangulate the baby.
  • Place a tight-fitting fixed sheet on the cushion.
  • Apply a baby blanket only if you can fold it into the end of the bed.
  • If you choose to co-sleep, let only the mother and baby sleep with. This decreases the risk of an adult on top the child and affecting the baby to choke.
  • Mothers who weigh over 175 pounds are at more risk of lying on top of their babies.
Don't  Do These Things for Your Babies Safe Sleeping
  • Don't lay your baby on a water bed, couch, soft cushion or other soft places.
  • Never place pillows, covers, quilts, sheepskins or other soft blanket on top of or below your baby.
  • Not ever smoke all over the place your baby or inside a baby's home. Smoking can rise the danger of
  • Unexpected Babies Death Condition.
  • Not ever sleep with your baby if you -Smoke -Have been drinking alcoholic drink -Have taken intoxicant things or medicines which make it hard for you to get up.
  • Don't over clothe your sweetheart for sleep.
  • Don't overheat the room.
  • Don't cover up the baby's head for sleep.

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