Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seven Healthy Snacks to Help Weight Loss

The top healthy snacks are produced from healthy foods. Processed foods such as potato chips, candy bars and biscuits contain high in fat and sugars which will not support you to lose weight. Low calorie snacks can meet your hunger desires in between meals, getting in relaxed to lose weight. Here are certain healthy foods which you can take as snack and you can try them to lose weight.

1. Popcorn

Popcorn is a helpful healthy snack, if it is not soaked in butter and salt. Popcorn is high in fiber and low calories snacks. Air cracked popcorn is the top, but you can pop it on the stove in canola oil or olive oil or another oil which contains of unsaturated fats. See the marks on micro-cook popcorn, as many brands hold high stages of sodium and fat.

2. Nuts

Nuts hold unsaturated fats, which can bring down your entire cholesterol and LDL cholesterol stages, while clearing your blood vessel and avoiding to build up of major plaque. Nuts are high in protein, so they support you feel full. Nuts are similarly high in antioxidant vitamin E, along with fiber and magnesium.

3. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds cover many healthy foods as nuts. Select low salt or without salt sunflower seeds; the salt on the shells can make this healthy snack and large amount of healthy on balance.

4. Peanut and Nut Butters

Peanut and another nut butters are high in protein, which can benefit you full mood in between healthy mealtimes. You can consume peanut butter all by itself or with fruit, crackers or with smoothie drink. Peanut butter is a countless healthy snack, but don't take too much, as it is high in calories.

5. Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a very good healthy snack and can even be served to exchange healthy lunches if you put in plenty ingredients. Smoothies can cover equal to 600 calories, as many as certain healthy meals and can retain you to touch full for hours. Making Fruit smoothie is very easy in your blender at home, with ingredients such as fruit, yogurt and peanut butter. Numerous juice bars and coffee shop as well offer smoothies on their menu. For additional protein, you can ask to bar person for adding slight whey powder. I want to suggest you one more thing that sometimes smoothies are high in fruit sugar and which sugar can responsible to weight improvement.

6. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is healthy snacks which contain high protein. One ounce of jerky holds nearly 80 calories, twelve gm. of protein and one gm. of fat. Purchase your jerky at a health food shop. On the other hand, make sure to read the label, as several brands of jerky are in high sodium.

7. Low or Non Fat Yogurt

Eight ounce cup of yogurt holds nearly 3 gm. of fat and 150 calories. Yogurt is similarly high in protein and a better root of dietetic calcium. Some analyzes show that consuming 8 ounce servings of low fat yogurt every day can support you lose weight. Moreover, numerous low fat recipes usage low fat yogurt as a healthy alternative for sour cream.

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