Sunday, December 1, 2013

Know About Chocolate Facts

Who does not love chocolate? Chocolate is a preferred food for several people, whether they are grown-up person or children. You will be pleased after taking chocolate. In the valentine days, numerous people present chocolate as gifts to their family, buddies, and the favorite ones. Dear viewers if you want to know the history of this sweet and delicious foodstuff, please read about interesting chocolate facts in this article.

Chocolate Facts
  • One of the highest makers of chocolate in the globe is Hershey’s.  Every day they can produce over eighty million chocolate bar or candy.
  • While you will listen the name of Cadbury, you will know that we are saying about chocolate.  It is an English chocolate product corporation .it is needless to surprise that if you hear about Cadbury made the 1st chocolate bar in the world in 1842.
  • The core item which people employed to make chocolate is cacao. The plant is developed from central and South American for almost four thousand years before. But, the biggest fabricator of cacao is not situated in America but in Africa. For the reason that, more or less 70% of cacao are grown here. One of the main manufacturers for cacao is Cote d’lvoire. This country can grow the total world supply of nearly 40%.
  • Cacao is similarly linked with magical characters in the past. The Latin societies believed about the cacao tree as the good food. It is needless to be amazed, while you find the history of chocolate that was every time connected with medicine, charmed and mystical appeals.
  • The reputation of chocolate will never disappear in the future.  Numerous financial reports guess that the worldwide market of chocolate will rise from eighty three billion US dollar in 2010 to ninety eight billion US dollar in 2016.
  • A Cocoa tree lives for a long time. They can touch two hundred years of age. But, the chocolate which we can get chocolate from the tree last for twenty five years to come.
  • There are 3 chief areas that people like to get cocoa trees. Those are Oceania or Southwest Asia, central and south Africa, American.
  • There are two thousand beans grown by each cacao tree. The 1st bean will be grown if the cacao tree has grown for nearly 4 - 5 years.
  • Cacao is utilized by numerous manufacturers to make chocolate milk. It is expected that 3.5 million pounds of whole milk is employed every day to make milk chocolate in US. To create 1 lb of chocolate, the manufacturer requires as a minimum four hundred beans.

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