Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What is HIV/AIDS?

AIDS is a long-lasting, possibly life-threatening disorder happen by the HIV virus. By damaging your resistant coordination, HIV affects your body's capability to fight the organisms which reason for sickness. HIV is a sexually conducted transmission. It can similarly be spreading by striking with diseased blood, or from mother to child in the period of perinatal period, giving birth or breast-feeding. It can take years in advance HIV weakens your resistant system direct that you have AIDS.

There's no medication for HIV/AIDS, however there are treatments which can dramatically gentle the advance of the sickness. These medicines have kept down AIDS deaths in several developed populations. But HIV stays to carry off people in Africa, Haiti and portions of Asia.

Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
The warning sign of HIV and AIDS is different, relying on the stage of transmission.

Primary Contagion
The maximum person’s sick by HIV grow a flu-like sickness in 1 or 2 months later the virus goes into the body. This sickness, recognized as primary or serious HIV contagion, may last for some weeks. Potential warning sign contain:

Fever, Diarrhea ,Muscle pain, ,Headache,  Reckless, Mouth or genital sores, Enflamed lymph glands- mostly on the neckline, Joint discomfort, Night sweats, Painful throat.

Even though the warning sign of primary HIV contagion may be slight enough to go unseen, the volume of virus in the blood flow is mostly high at this time. Therefore, HIV infection spreads more efficiently in primary infection than in the duration of the next phase of contagion.

Medical Dormant Infection
For a number of people, continual swelling of lymph gland happens in the duration of medical dormant HIV. Or else, there are no exact symbols and indications. HIV stays in the body, but, as free virus and in tainted white blood cells.
Clinical dormant infection normally goes 8 to 10 years. For Some person it stays even longer period, but others improvement to more- dangerous sickness much earlier.

In the Beginning Indicative HIV Infection
As the virus proceeds to multiply and damage immune cells, you may develop gentle infections or continuing indications for example-Fever, enlarged lymph gland — repeatedly one of the 1st symbols of HIV illness, Diarrhea, Weight loss, Cough and breathlessness.

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