Sunday, June 29, 2014

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is also called as pitaya. Currently, it is turning as a well preferred fruit to several persons. It has a great deal of health benefits which you may not identify. Dragon fruits are full with vitamin B2, B3, B1 and C and important minerals with calcium, iron and phosphorus. 1 medium dragon fruit holds about sixty calories and it is the big news for that person who is on a dieting. In this article I will inform you about dragon fruit health benefits.

1. Great Antioxidants
Dragon fruits are loaded in strong antioxidants. Dragon fruit is an outstanding supply of antioxidants which help to decrease the cell-damaging property of those free radicals in the body.

2. Helps to Stop Symbols of Ageing
As a dragon fruit is loaded in strong antioxidants, it assists to stop skin aging. Consume this nice-looking fruit to stay your skin healthy, tight and young. I like to make a face mask applying honey and dragon fruits. I use it on my skin and clean it after fifteen minutes. This is a natural substitute to a costly anti-ageing mask.

3. Betters Cardiovascular Health
In this chaotic day is packed with strain, numerous person have severe troubles with cardiovascular health. Dragon fruit is able to help to get better your cardiovascular health by dropping bad cholesterol points and refilling good stages. This fruit is packed with unsaturated fats which assists the heart continues in the best form.

4. It Helps To Fight and Control Diabetes
Dragon fruit is an incredible supply of fiber and it can assist to fight and control diabetes, as it helps to steady blood glucose stages by subduing glucose spikes. But ensure you ask your doctor before including dragon fruits to your eating preparation.

5. Betters Digestive System
Eating a dragon fruit can similarly help to clean up the gastrointestinal system. As I remarked before that, a dragon fruit has a very rich in fiber substance which can get better from poor absorption and free irregularity. By eating the flesh and seeds you will stay your body fulfilled and strengthened.

6. Dealing with Colored Hair 
Are you searching a useful method to deal with your colored hair? Place the juice of dragon fruits on your hair skin and clean after fifteen minutes. This action will support you to defend your colored or chemically made hair and get it healthy and smooth. You can also apply a conditioner which holds dragon fruit.

7. Comforts for Sunburned Skin
To relieve your sun burnt skin, mix dragon fruit with cucumber juice and honey use it in the affected part. As dragon fruit is rich in vitamin B3, it frees heat from the touched area and humidifies sunburn skin.  

8. Helps to Handle Acne
Dragon fruit is wonderful acne healing not only for teenagers, but for grownups also. It holds vitamin C and an amazing topical gel. Simply make some slices of dragon fruit paste, use it to the regions with acne and wash it off. Apply two times daily for better outcomes.

9. Helps to Relieve Arthritis
lastly, one of the most excellent health paybacks of dragon fruit is that it will support to reduce arthritis, which strikes the joints, making serious pain, annoyance and occasionally, even fixedness. Dragon fruit is recognized as inceptive fruit so it’s better for people who are suffering from arthritis.

I’m myself used a dragon fruit daily with kiwi fruit, banana and apple for making a delicious snack. What is your opinion about the health benefits of dragon fruit? Please feel free with making comments below.

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