Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seven Outstanding Uses of Yogurt for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Yogurt is really a very healthy food, which is full with protein, vitamin D and along with probiotics. Yogurt makes lot of beauty and health benefits. So I think it’s every time a good idea to keep it in your refrigerator. Without more argument, I will reveal seven outstanding uses of yogurt with yoghurt health benefits for you.

1. Great Hair Conditioner and Mask(Read Also Here: Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber )
Do you know yogurt can be applied as a hair conditioner? Whereas yogurt is helpful for your skin, it is as well supportive for your hair and scalp. Yogurt also serves to draw out your hair’s natural glow and make it silky and soft. You can apply yogurt as a conditioner or rather than your hair mask. Take natural or plain yogurt and spread out it throughout your hair. Rinse it with warm water. It will help calm an irritated scalp, decrease hair loss and can even support to banish splitting ends.

2. Natural Scrub
Yogurt is one of the greatest natural scrubbings for your feet, hands and the entire body! Combine yogurt with dried citrus peel or oats, if you have, rub down into your skin in a mild, yet strong rounded movement and rinse with cold or warm water. This natural scrubbing will allow your skin to feel hydrated and smooth and you can even apply it afterward shaving.

3. Teeth Whiting
If you are in search of a natural home medicine for whiting teeth, choose yogurt. Teeth whiting handlings are somewhat costly, so why will you lost your money on them if you can white your teeth at home? Scrub some yogurt onto your teeth everyday and in a couple of weeks, your teeth will be gleaming white. This is because of the calcium and phosphorous got in yogurt.

4. Release Sunburn (Read Also Here: Top Ten Foods to Burn Extra Calories )
Yogurt holds zinc, which supports to calm the itchiness and burning of the suntan. Use a dense layer of cool, plain yogurt straight to your burn and rinse it with icy water afterward twenty minutes. You can as well combine your preferred oil into yogurt before using it on your suntan. This will support to calm the inflamed skin.

5. Secure Finger Paint
If your kids like to finger paint, make eatable finger paint applying plain yogurt and food color. Just add some drips of food color to the yogurt and start painting. Now you don’t have to concern about your child unintentionally eating up paint.

6. Amazing Facial
There are numerous methods to apply natural yogurt on the skin. It is a wonderful moisturizer. It can support to lighten the skin, remove dark spots below the eyes and it can even eliminate the effects of getting old. Additionally, yogurt assists to with fight spots and pimple. Combine yogurt with honey and oats to produce a face mask or only rub down natural yogurt into your face and wash it out later ten minutes.

7. Moss Maker (Read Also Here: Some Interesting Tropical Fruit Facts )
If you have a carving on your wall or any sculpture in your garden which looks somewhat tatty, why not produce moss on it? Paint it over and done with yogurt, however make sure that the thing you want to make mossy is in a covered place. This is one of the greatest alternative functions for yogurt to try.

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